Useful Links During COVID-19

As we know that world is facing worst epidemic in the form of COVID-19. All the institution except those providing essential services are shut down to contain the worst outbreak of the epidemic.In keeping view of Government instructions all the schools/colleges and universities are closed till further instructions. In keeping view of above situation Government college Paonta Sahib decided to initiate E-learning methods so that students suffer less.College is Providing list of teachers along with the contact numbers so that concerned students can contact their respective teachers.
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Deptt. Name of the faculty Contact Number
Principal Dr. Veena Rathore 9418063730
Hindi Prof. Devendra Gupta 7018220332
Hindi Prof. Ram Lal 9418269195
Hindi Prof. Kanta Chauhan 7831967101
Economics Dr. Jagdish Chauhan 9418104585
Economics Prof. Pardeep  8219134364
Economics Prof.Kalyan Rana  9805448928
Political Sc. Pratibha Chaudhary 9582571600
History Swati Chauhan 8894364464
Sociology Sonia Mohil 8219800951
Sanskrit Prof. Usha Joshi 9418659486
Public Ad. Prof. Renu Sharma 8353046146
English Dr. Deepali S. Bhandari 9418551980
English Prof. Reena Chauhan 9882115903
English Prof. Arun Daffrik 8894478278
Geography Dr. Jagdish Chand 9418209008
Geography Prof. Kamlesh Sharma 9816130994
Physical Edu. Prof. Zafar Ali 9418381840
Music Dr. Dev RAj Sharma 9418455805
Music Dr. Kiran Bala 9816294268
Mathematics Prof. Vandana Kansal 9857997522
Mathematics Prof. Tanu Chandel 9418506453
Physics Prof. Mandeep Gandhi 9418468688
Physics Prof. Chinu Bansal
Chemistry Prof. Amita Joshi 9418132511
Chemistry Dr. Kundan Sharma 9418211568
Chemistry Dr. Suneel Kumar 7409736969
Botany Prof. Danwanti Kandasi 9817392745
Botany Dr. Zahid Ali Malik 9625484004
Zoology Prof. Seema Tayagi 9736323383
Zoology Prof. Sulaxna Sharma 9817579460
Commerce Prof. C.K. Sharma 9882562909
Commerce Prof. A.D. Chaudhary 9418346754
Commerce Prof. Rinku Aggarwal 8988101450
Computer Sc. Prof. Inder Bhagat Negi  9878872206
I.T. Prof. Aparna  9857245970
I.T. Prof. Bahar  8219565843
Library Mr. Kuldeep Negi 7018233282

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