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State Control Room: 1070
COVID-19 Helpline number: 104(Toll Free)

Basic Guidelines for COVID 19

  • Wearing of mask, Thermal Scanning and sanitizaTion of hands is compulsory.
  • Stand in a queue and maintain at least six feet distance.
  • Installation and use of Aarogya SeTu App is Compulsory for all.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap.
  • Don't spit anywhere in the Campus and Avoid touching railings, doors and windows unnecessarily.
  • Masks/ Gloves MUST be properly disposed in dusTbins.
  • Don't panic if infected, start your medicines immediately after consulting your doctor.
  • Put yourself under isolation if you find COVID like symptoms such as fever, flu, body ache etc.
  • Inform the college if you or a member of your family tests positive for COVID.
  • Approach your nearest vaccination centre for Vaccination if you are above 18 years of Age.
  • Vaccination reduces the risk of infection.