World Environment Day celebrations by ECO club on 05.06.2022

Academic Year 2021-22 The Eco Club strives to spread awareness amongst the students about the various issues that are being faced by our planet regarding our environment and to foster an eco-friendly environment in the college campus.

Some of the activities taken up by eco club of the college are:
  1. Conduct cleanliness campaigns (Swatchh Bharat ) in college.
  2. Conduct action base activities like tree plantation, cleanliness drives in the college campus Grow living gardens, flowers, herbs and native plants in college.
  3. The college campus has a thriving botanical garden with approximate 80 species of plants in an area of 320.19 square meters.
  4. Lectures and Competitions are organized to sensitize staff and students on environment and sustainable development. These seminars highlight and promote actions to adopt such practices by the staff and students of the College to reduce their carbon footprints.
  5. The College prohibits the burning of waste material and fallen leaves. Instead, this waste is decomposed for the preparation of manure, which is used for plants and trees in the College. A vermin-composting unit is there for the sustainable management of biodegradable waste.
  6. A herbal garden with 27 species of plants with medicinal value in an area of 135.9 square meters.
  7. Create awareness and educate fellow students on Waste Material Management.
  8. Organize rallies, marches in public place with a view to spread environmental awareness. Organize seminars, debates, lectures and popular talks on environmental issues in the college.

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