College Students Central Asociation (CSCA)

In order to inculcate leadership qualities among the students and to provide platform to address the student’s problems, the CSCA is constituted in the college in accordance with the university notification. CSCA is a nominated body of the student comprising of President, Vice–President, Gen. Secretary, Joint Secretary as well as Class and other nominated representatives. CSCA helps to ensure the maintenance of proper academic atmosphere and orderliness amongst the students, to promote corporate social and cultural life of students and to train them in their duties,responsibilities and rights of citizens. It provides opportunities for the development of character, leadership, discipline and spirit of service among students..It coordinates and integrates the activities of various committees / societies / clubs in the college. CSCA helps in improving the living conditions in hostels and implementation of hostel discipline and rules framed from time to time to create conducive academic atmosphere free of violence.

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