As gateways to knowledge and culture, libraries play a fundamental role in an institution.The college has a spacious library which is well ventilated, air conditioned and well illuminated for readers and has more than 12,000 books pertaining to various subjects. The college library subscribes to 9 newspapers,15 magazines and 16 journals in hard copy form. The college subscribes 6000 e-journals,1,64,300 e-books through N-list and and 8-e Newspapers and can be accesssed through e-Resourse centre. The college also provides Book Bank facility.The Book Bank has 2185 text books .

  1. Rules and Regulations:
  2. Books will be issued to students on all working days during working hours.
  3. Entry into the library is subject to production of Identity-cum-library cards.
  4. Only two books at a time shall be issued to a student for a period of 14 days.
  5. Reference books/ Dictionaries/newspapers/ periodicals will not be issued.
  6. Enter your name and sign in the visiting register kept at the entance counter while entering library.
  7. No eatables are allowed inside the library.
  8. Fine Rs 1 per day will be charged on late return of issued books
  9. Observe silence in the library .
  10. In case of loss of identity card, a duplicate Id card after a payment of 20 rupees will issued.