Code of Conduct for Students

Students should follow the rules and regulations laid down by the college administration.

  1. The Himachal Pradesh Educational Institutions (Prohibition of Ragging) Act, 2009 will be followed in letter and spirit. Indulging in Ragging is a crime and strictly prohibited by an act promulgated by the Government of H.P with the maximum penalty of Rs.50000/- and imprisonment up to three years or both.
  2. If any student indulges in any form Eve Teasing inside the college premises or outside, he/she will be dealt as per law. 
  3. Every student should be dressed up properly.
  4.  Every student must always carry with him/her duly completed identity card which is issued to him/her at the time of admission. He/she must produce the identity card whenever demanded by Security guard, any Teacher or Principal of the college. In case of loss of Identity Card, a duplicate I-card after a payment of Rs20/ will be issued. 
  5. Every student has to attend 75% of the classes of each subject/paper.75% of attendance is mandatory for appearing in the annual examination.
  6. In case a student is absent in a class continuously for six consecutive days or for 10 days in a month, his /her name will be struck off from the college rolls (In all subjects).Readmission in such cases will be allowed within a week. For next seven days he/she has to deposit a fine of Rs.100/ for readmission.After15 days from the date of struck off, readmission will be allowed with the representation of the parents, recommendation of the concerned subject teacher and a fine of Rs.1000/
  7. Any student who is unable to appear in the scheduled house test can reappear for the same only on genuine grounds with prior Permission of the Principal. 
  8. Any other eligible student canreappear forthe House Test with recommendation of the concerned course teacher and permission of the Principal. A fine of Rs100/ per paperwill be charged and students can reappear within 15 days after the completion of House Exam.
  9. Students should not bring outsiders into the campus without the prior permission of the authorities. 
  10. Sale, distribution, use and possession of banned drugs, alcohol and tobacco products are strictly prohibited and in case of violation shall be dealt with as per law. 
  11. Fireworks, explosives, weapons, or items of destruction are prohibited in the college campus. 
  12. Writing on classroom walls, desk, benches, door, toilet wall or pasting of posters on the wall are strictly banned. 
  13. For Intentional or deliberate damage caused to property (building, furniture, electrical wires/switches/ appliances and sanitary ware etc.), the recovery cost shall bethe cost of replacement/repair. It may also be reported to the Police for action as per law. 
  14. Any damage to lab equipment / articles shall entail fine equal to the cost of equipment.
  15. Legal action will be initiated against those who destroy or cause to destroy the property of the college under existing laws including the Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act 1984. 
  16. Students should not create disturbance in the academic, administrative, sporting, social, cultural or otherco-curricular   activities of the College. 
  17. Any behavior falling in the category of sexual harassment at workplace should be reported to the Internal Complaints Committee of the college immediately and the matter would be dealt with as per the Law. 
  18. Any case of violation of law and order in the college campus will be reported to the police for initiating action against the offenders. 
  19. Use of Mobile Phone /internet, laptop, and tablet by students within the college campus is permitted at specified places for academic purposes only.  Violation of rule will lead to fine of Rs.100/.
  20. All other fines will be charged as notified by University from time to time.
  21. Misconduct during examination, production of false information or documents for admission purpose and the failure to return materials issued from the college would be seriously dealt with.
  22. Gathering in groups at roads, entrance, exit, pathways, corridors and in the administrative block is strictly prohibited. Students who have no class to attend during any particular period should not loiter in the corridors.
  23. All vehicles should be parked in the allotted area. Wrong parking reported by the security guard will be fined Rs.100/.
  24. Students can file their genuine complaints to the concerned authority and drop it in the suggestion box placed in the administrative block.
  25. Students will appear in the Annual Practical Examination only on scheduled dates as notified by the University. 

In general any kind of misconduct towards institute will not be tolerated and punished as per the gravity of the misconduct.