Career Guidance And Placement Cell

Career Guidance is a counselling programme designed to help students choose the right career path based on their educational and professional choices. It is a qualitative and quantitative assessment and upgradation of the knowledge, skills and information of the students in accordance with career options available.

In India, awareness, and information about various career options available to students passing out of school are limited. The culture of going to a career advisor is almost non-existent.

According to a recent survey, 93 percent of students were aware of less than ten career options like engineering, medicine, law, finance, IT etc. In contrast, there are more than 250 career options available today. In other words, the awareness levels of many career options are very low in the majority of students. Career GUiance and Placement Cell Plays an Important Role in creating awareness about the Various career options available to students at various stages of their education.

Career Guidance and Counseling  is a comprehensive, developmental program designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. A career guidance and counseling develops an individual's competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration, and career planning.

Career guidance and counseling helps individuals in  acquiring the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to identify options, explore alternatives and succeed in society. These programs  prepare individuals for the changing workplace of the 21st century by:

  • broadening knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • improving decision making skills
  • increasing self-esteem and motivation
  • building interpersonal effectiveness
  • maximizing career opportunities
  • improving employment marketability and opportunities
  • promoting effective job placement

Key Components of Career Guidance and Counseling 

  • A planned sequence of activities and experiences to achieve specific competencies such as self-appraisal, decision making, goal setting, and career planning
  • Accountability (outcome oriented) and program improvement (based on results of process/outcome evaluations)
  • Qualified leadership
  • Effective management needed to support comprehensive career guidance programs
  • Adequate facilities, materials, resources
  • Strong professional development activities so that students can regularly update their professional knowledge and skills
  • Different approaches to deliver the program such as outreach, assessment, counseling, curriculum, program and job placement, follow-up, consultation, referral

 Highlights of Career Guidance and Counseling during Academic session 2021-22 


The Career Guidance and Placement Cell organised a motivational talk and interaction with Sri Vivek Atray, ex IAS, mentor and Ted-X speaker on 31/08/2021.

Vivek Atray is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Independent Advisor. He retired voluntarily from the IAS in 2017. He is an ex under-19 cricketer. He speaks on Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, People Skills and Behavioural Issues. He is an Honorary Professor at Shoolini University, member of the CSR Advisory Board of Action Aid, Convenor of SUVICHAR- a Think Tank and Senior Vice President of the UT Cricket Association, Chandigarh. He has inspired thousands of youngsters to adopt a cheerful, positive and multi-dimensional approach to their lives. He is an acclaimed orator and has spoken at events of NASSCOM, CII, PHDCCI, TIE, MAIT, NCGG, LBSNAA, IIFT, ISB, Vibrant Forum and numerous Universities, Colleges, Schools and Corporate houses. He has 6 TEDx talks and 2 highly popular Josh Talks. He speaks regularly on Leadership, Life skills, Pubic Speaking Skills, Emotional Intelligence, and Calmness.

This session began at 3:00 p.m. Sh. Vivek Atray shared the secrets of remaining happy and attaining success in life. He told the students that it is possible to be successful despite the fact that one cannot be perfect. He talked about the seven essentials required for success: character, courage, creativity, calmness, compassion, satisfaction and cheerfulness.53 students attended this absorbing session along with all members of the staff.


A Skill bridging workshop was conducted by the Career Guidance and Placement Cell of the college on 7/10/ 2021 for the final year students of the college. Ms.Seema Soni , The CEO of Osaka consultancy was the resource person for the day.She has worked with various reputed organizations .Born and brought up in Kaizen culture, she has  15 year experience of overseas training in reputed companies like Toyota , Mitsubishi. She has rendered her services in various organizations. She is an Electronics graduate and mentoring a prestigious and well known auto sector firm in North region as a TQM Co coordinator. In her session she focused on the important of problem solving and the much required skills for employment in Private Sector.

162 final year students of Arts, Commerce and Science streams attended this absorbing session along with interested members of the staff. 


A workshop on intellectual property rights was conducted by the Career Guidance and Placement Cell of the college on 17/09/ 2021. Ms Puja Maulikar from RGNIIPM, Nagpur, was the resource person for the day.Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Intellectual Property Management (RGNIIPM) is a National Center of Excellence Central Government Institute under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry engaged in conducting International Trainings and awareness workshops on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) i.e.  Patents, Designs, Trademarks, Copyrights, GI etc.At present, filing of Indian IP applications/Patents by Institutes, University, Industries are very low despite their significant contribution towards R&D and thus patent applications filed by the Indian Inventors and Companies are very less as compared to foreign applicants.  Also it has often been observed that many inventors are losing the chance of obtaining Patents, designs for their inventions by commercially using or publishing their inventions in newspapers or scientific and technical journals and such inventions are thus remain unprotected and lose their exclusive rights. It is a common experience that through ignorance of Patent/designs, inventors jeopardize the chance of obtaining patents/designs for their inventions by commercially using or publishing their invention in newspapers or scientific and technical journals, before applying for patents. Hence many Indian inventions are not patented and thus remain unprotected.

  Therefore to implement the objectives of National IPR Policy 2016 and to safeguard the interest of the inventors & to upgrade IP skills of Teachers, students, scientists, an Online workshop on IPR- Patents & Design was conducted  for students.   The online session was attended by 102 students in addition to this the one hour program was aired   live in  smart classroom number 101 which was attended by 72 students. The Program was organized by the members of Career Guidance and Placement Cell of the college between 1 to 2 p.m. Mostly the students of Commerce and Sciences attended the session along with interested members of the staff.

Stimulus 2021

Career Guidance and Job Placement Cell , Government College Paonta Sahib organized a five-day career guidance session "Stimulus 2021" for BA first year students, in which career related information and awareness were made available to the students from the beginning of the first year. In these sessions organized for the students of Arts Faculty under the chairmanship of Principal Dr. Veena Rathore, the invited guests made the students aware on various aspects related to career and stressed on the need to be serious about career from the very first year of graduation.

On 20/09/21, Mr. Chetan Gupta, an alumnus of the college, gave useful tips related to career in administrative services to the students and also explained the importance of continuous preparation to be successful in competitive examinations. On 21/09/21 the students interacted with Dr. Mukesh Kumar Bhandari, Assistant Professor, NCGG, Indian Academy of Administration, Mussoorie in which he addressed the students on the topic 'Smart Career Planning'. On 22/09/21, Shri Santosh Kumar. Child Development Project Officer, Shillai - who is also the Vice-Chairman of the Alumni Committee of the college, was the resource person and speaker. He gave important information to the students on the topic 'Career Option in Government Sector' and also informed the students about the upcoming recruitments. He told the students how to prepare for General Knowledge section of various examinations. Mr. Ajay Himanshu, HR Lead, Biological E. Ltd., was the source speaker on 23/09/2021. Talking about the qualities required for career growth, Shri Ajay Himanshu stressed on the importance of character building  for students. Shri Balmukund Agarwal, Economic Investigator, Department of Industries, Paonta Sahib was the keynote speaker on 24/09/2021. He briefed the students on jobs in the private sector and highlighted the importance of hard work, patience and perseverance to move ahead. In the session held on 25/09/2021, Mr. Manmeet Singh Malhotra, Director, Nanz Med Science Pharma Paonta Sahib, participated as the keynote speaker and while talking on the topic 'Insights from an Industrialist', employment of students in private pharma companies And gave information about other areas related to it, he inspired the students to make a successful career on the basis of his personal experiences and contribute to the upliftment of the society.

  Dr. Veena Rathore, the patron and principal of the program also shared her student life experiences with the new students in the college and expressed hope that the students would touch new heights of success in the coming times.

 Dr. Rajesh Trehan, Dr. Dipali Sharma Bhandari, Mr. Rinku Aggarwal, Dr. Pankaj Yadav, Mrs. Nandni Kanwar, Mr. Kuldeep Singh Negi and Mr. Inder Negi from Career Guidance and Placement Cell contributed significantly in the successful organization of the program. Apart from this,  all the academic and non-teaching staff contributed to make these sessions successful. More than 300 first year students benefitted from this program.

Coaching for Competitive Examinations

A Committee for Coaching for Competitive Examinations was constituted to formulate and implement a programme for assisting the students enrolled in graduate and post graduate courses in their preparation for competitive examinations during or after their graduation. Currently, the students start preparing for their careers only after their graduation. Most of the undergraduate students are not aware of the opportunities in Government and Private sector and miss out on them. To aid the students in attaining their career dream, the committee came into being.

Most of the students from Sirmour aspire to join the Armed forces for which medial/fitness test forms an important part. The committee thus decided to focus on the twin aspects of the written tests and ground test. 

The students after graduation seek admissions to other universities and courses based on entrance examinations. These competitions usually test the G.K., reasoning ability, basic computing skills and language skills. These very areas form the basis of testing/ selection and shortlisting of candidates for all state and central government services. The screening process invariably consists of a test on the GK, Reasoning, Basic Computing skills, General Science, Hindi and English grammar, Indian History and Polity and Current Affairs. Most of the students start preparing for these only after applying for these entrances/ exams and are inadequately prepared for the tests due to paucity of time and lack of awareness about the pattern of testing. Not all the students can afford private coaching as many of the students come from underprivileged families.

To bridge this gap it was decided to include coaching for the competitive exams in the list of student support activities of the college. At first it was proposed to start with final year students as beneficiaries; but after multiple deliberations it was felt that willing students in all the undergraduate classes may be included, since in many examinations, the basic qualification is intermediate. Also, beginning early develops a sense of purpose and gives a direction to the student’s efforts. Guidance at an early stage gives the student time to identify his options, make his choice and work to achieve his aim.

With this aim in mind, the committee invited the students to register for the proposed free coaching sessions and around 300 students registered for these sessions. These students were contacted individually. A ground test was conducted on 01/10/2021 in which 60 boys and 49 girls presented themselves for evaluation. 38 girls and 32 boys qualified the ground test. The selected students received training with an ex-serviceman in two sessions of two hours duration each. The students were given this training till March, 2022 for this academic session.

The students were also provided coaching in General knowledge by engaging professional trainers from Paonta sahib form October to December. covering vital areas like HP General Knowledge, History, Polity and general science.

A total of 130 students Qualified the ground test for recruitment of  HP Police Constables. These students were provided a scholarship for purchase of study material. The college provided scholarships amounting to Rs. 1,30,000 to the students under Utkrisht Mahavidyalaya Yojana.

Free Coaching for IAS/HAS

Under the Utkrisht mahavidyalaya Yojana, The IQAC and the Career Guidance and Placement Cell have outlined a Scheme to provide free coaching for IAS/HAS to the students of the college. For this, The Nimbus Academy, Chandigarh will provide trainers to coach two batches of students for elite Administrative Services of the state and centre. The Cost of the coaching will e borne entirely by the college. The selection test will be held on 12/05/2022 by the experts of the Nimbus Academy. The selected students will undergo training for 312 hours at the college from 16/05/2022 to 15/07/2022. Approximately 175 students have registered for the entrance test.