Core Values & Objectives of the Institution

Core Values

We at Shree Guru Gobind Singh Ji Government College Paonta Sahib are committed to the following core values which serve as the foundation on which we act and conduct ourselves.

  • Justice
  • Diversity
  • Harmony
  • Sustainability
  • Trust
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Student Support
  • Honesty
  • Ethics and Dignity
  • Truthfulness
  • Growing by Learning
  • Integrity
  • Open Mindedness
  • Commitment
  • Leading through Innovation
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Collaboration and Public Engagement

Objectives of the Institution

  • To provide learning opportunities for the current and future generations in keeping with the rapidly changing world.
  • To instil enthusiasm and excitement for learning in the minds of the students and enable them to apply the knowledge thus gained in real life situations.
  • To promote the ethical understanding of the world and to motivate the student community and the teaching fraternity to evolve into conscious responsible and thinking individuals.
  • To blend learning with social activism and creativity by providing students space to freely express and develop views through various academic and co-curricular events taking place in and around the institution.
  • To train the students to adapt to the changing needs of the society and try to contribute positively to the welfare of the society at large and inculcate the value of discipline in work and conduct among the students.
  • To equip the students with necessary skills to attain optimum personal fulfilment through a holistic development of personality inculcating the values of courteousness, personal dignity, simplicity and austerity.
  • To educate the young minds within a framework of liberal cultural and ethical values and to promote national consciousness among the students.